Roca Robotics acquires the Roca Sorter product line from Sorting Robotics to continue development, support customers, and expand.

We are pleased to announce our acquisition of the Roca Sorter product line. We are excited to continue developing the Roca product and technology, and we look forward to supporting existing robotic card sorter customers to help ensure they have a tremendous experience using the product and realizing savings.

We have a series of software updates planned for early 2019 to enhance the options available during card sorting to more easily organize and manage your TCG inventory, as well as making the process to integrate the scanned card spreadsheet with your inventory or POS system.

Roca Robotics is based in Longmont, CO and we are now fully setup to build and install new units. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

For more information about Roca Robotics, see below:

Who are you?

Roca Robotics is owned and operated by Kevin Lipkin and Cornell Wright.  We are both robotics engineers, and have developed a variety of robotics and technology products, including snake robots, inspection robots, surgical robots, and other camera/sensor/analytics based products.  We are both experienced founding and operating technology businesses.

We think that our expertise in robotics, mechanical engineering, software, electronics, computer vision, and business will position us well to help the Roca Sorter product line reach its full potential.

Why did Roca Robotics acquire the Roca Sorter product line?

We  think the Roca Sorter is a great product and can deliver a lot of value and savings to our customers.  We also see great potential to continue improving the product, technology, software, and the support that we offer our customers.  Additionally, we plan to expand the Roca Sorter product line to support other TCGs; stay tuned for more announcements.

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