NEWS: TCGplayer has acquired Roca Robotics! As a result of this transaction, Roca Robotics and its Roca Sorter product now operate as a subsidiary of TCGplayer. Read our press release to learn more about this exciting announcement: PRESS RELEASE

The Roca Sorter is the Swiss Army knife of your inventory. Roca is able to sort up to 1,000 cards by name, set, color, sift for money cards, and with the flexibility to handle specific pull requests and custom sorting logic specific to your needs. Seamless e-Commerce integration with Crystal Commerce and TCGPlayer allow you to spend less time indexing inventory and more time selling it.


Load 1,000 cards using the quick-change input tray.

Select from over a dozen unique sorting options using the included tablet.

Every sort compiles a spreadsheet synced with your Dropbox or email for easy e-Commerce integration.


The Roca Sorter is a stand alone system and only requires power and Wi-Fi access. The Roca will update pricing data before every sort and will update new set releases automatically once the cards are released online.

Your sorting package will include:

  • Roca Sorter Machine
  • 1 input tray
  • 1 tablet and dedicated WiFi Router
  • Tool Kit & Spares Kit (includes extra filters, tools to perform preventative maintenance)
  • Onsite Installation
  • In Person training session for you and your team
  • Online support
  • 1 Year / 2,000 Hour Warranty

Stop wasting time. Start sorting faster and cheaper than you thought possible!


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Technical Specifications

 Dimensions: 45″ x 28″ x 12″

 Power Usage: 105 W

Operating Volume: 56 dBA

e-Commerce Integration

After the Roca Sorter finishes sorting it will compile all of the cards into a spreadsheet and you have the option of either syncing this file with an online storage account (Dropbox, Google Drive) or having the spreadsheet emailed to you.

Pricing Data

By default, the Roca Sorter will use TCGPlayer’s pricing data (Market price) as the price source. But you may also use the pricing you use in your store. Prices are updated before every sort so you are always using and sorting with current data.

Trading Card Games Supported

Currently, we exclusively support sorting for Magic: The Gathering. Support for Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh coming in Fall 2020.


The Roca Sorter was first created in 2018 with the mission of helping game store owners manage their TCG inventory faster, easier, and more accurately. The Roca Sorter v2.0 was released in Spring 2019 – and since then store owners have used Roca Sorter machines to process over 20 million Magic: the Gathering cards and counting.

In December 2019, the Roca Sorter product line was transferred to new ownership and management. Roca Robotics acquired the Roca Sorter product line with goals to:

  • continue improving the Roca Sorter product and technology
  • expand the software to support more TCGs
  • provide excellent support to Roca Sorter customers.

Kevin Lipkin

Kevin Lipkin

Chief Executive Officer

Cornell Wright

Cornell Wright

Chief Technology Officer

Roca Robotics is owned and operated by Kevin Lipkin and Cornell Wright. Kevin and Cornell are experienced robotics engineers and entrepreneurs. Between them, they’ve developed snake robots, autonomous inspection robots, surgical robots, as well as other sensor, camera, and analytics-based products. They’ve founded and operated multiple companies and are excited to continue to move the Roca Sorter product line forward.


We are currently shipping to stores in the United States only

We are based in Longmont, Colorado.

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